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We also conduct workshops for Students, Teachers and Parents. A few topics are listed below :
⦁ Neuro linguistic Programming
⦁ Study Habits
⦁ Memory and Concentration
⦁ Freedom and Responsibility
⦁ Time Management
⦁ Motivation
⦁ Leadership
⦁ Self Esteem
⦁ Self Confidence
⦁ Sex Education
⦁ Handling Emotions
⦁ Communication
⦁ Interpersonal Relationship
⦁ Effective Parenting
⦁ Stress Management
⦁ Handling emotions of children and Positive thinking
⦁ The workshops can be tailor-made based on your need.

The process will include two sessions wherein the testing will happen in the first one. The person has to just give their finger prints on a machine which will take about 10 minutes. The report will be generated in 3 days and then we can have a counseling session which can be either group or individual depending on the group size. There is absolutely no age barrier. It can be taken right from one year onwards.

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