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Career Guidance

Career counselling is sought when an individual needs confidential guidance and help about areas of study and possible career movements or changes. If an individual experiences a personal issue about their future and wants to discuss or discover opportunities about their career plans, they can do so with a counsellor. Counsellors are experienced, qualified professionals who understand the difficulties of career choices and can offer appropriate advice to each individual.

What does career counselling involve?

Career counselling involves meeting with an appropriate counsellor who will ask a variety of questions about your life plans and career intentions. They will also discuss factors that are likely to influence your decisions or that could affect your goals. Answers to the questions will hopefully assist you in realising your career objectives. The sessions also involve setting personal goals and learning skills to allow positive career choices to be made.

A counsellor will ensure you are setting realistic targets for yourself and help you choose a career to suit your expectations and not others. If you experience pressure to enter a career that doesn’t appeal to you, you will probably be less motivated in the job role. They will also make sure you have as much information possible about the path you are considering and ensure it suits your personality.

How career counselling can help

⦁ Personal plans of action can be generated.
⦁ Interests, skills and abilities can be recognised.
⦁ Educated decisions about future direction can be made.
⦁ A portfolio of abilities can be created.
⦁ University requirements can be investigated.  

We provide services for both Indian as well as Study Abroad counselling.


⦁ You can come and visit us for consultation if you need to know information about one specific career or field.
⦁ If a student is totally confused they can take an appointment and visit us for the Career Guidance Test.
⦁ The Test will comprise of : Interest, Aptitude and Personality.
⦁ After 2 to 3 days the report is generated and a one to one counseling session is held along with the parents and the student.
⦁ They will hereby be able to explore various career options for the student.

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